Waihee Ridge Trail

Emily and I were able to scramble and make a last minute trip for my work to an Emergency and Critical Care Symposium in Maui! I am always grateful for the opportunities we get to travel, work, and have some fun along the way. 

Waihee Ridge Trail is a five-mile loop located in the West Maui Mountains, also known as Mauna Kahalawai. The trail is a 1,500 ft. ascent to the clouds. First off, we drove the North Coast... It was terrible AND I am super glad we did it. Picture one lane roads, almost hitting bro's in their rental Mustang convertibles, no guard rails, and rocks falling off the sides of the cliff. After a two hour drive covering only 28 miles, We hiked up, took some photos, and jogged back down. It is a local favorite, and not such a tourist trap as the east side of the Island (Road to Hana, Bamboo Forest, etc). We only saw maybe 6-8 other people on the trail, mostly locals, and the VIEWS WERE INCREDIBLE. Probably one of the most visually epic things I have seen with my eyeballs.

Fujifilm XPro2 + 23mm 1.4