Fujifilm X-Pro 2: Search for the perfect pouch, bag, thing.

Currently searching for the perfect mix between a bag, a pouch, and something that is ugly. Style aesthetic is an important factor in branding oneself, hence my low volume of freelance work... burn. I need something that can:

- Be used on it's own

- Fit in my Timbuk2 backpack

- Fit in my Timbuk2 Photo bag

My current choice is.... It really depends on the day. Today I am leaning towards the F-Stop Harney... however the Ona looks way nicer. What's a girl to do?

UPDATE* Since I was last working on this draft I came across the Mountainsmith Tour Fx... and I bought it. It's the most functional, has plenty of room, pockets, AND while dorky/technical, I still think it looks just fine. And Emily has this as a hiking pack and loves the heck out of it. Sad thing is we may match.

UPDATE II** I returned the Mountainsmith Tour Fx... Very functional.... not my style... didn't fit in my backpack.  Stay tuned for updates!


Peak Design's Field Pouch

Ona The Roma