Late winter fly fishing.

Late winter in NE Iowa. The fish are slow, the water is low, and it's more hiking that it is fishing (at least that day any who). Emily won the day by matching a tiny hatch of I don't know's. I was throwing streamers for the supposed larger lazy brown's at the bottom of the pools, to no avail.

The compact size of the x-pro2 made it an easy carry on the steam. I am really considering picking up one of these clips from Peak Design. Most of my photos are travel exclusive, and I usually have a backpack, messenger, or fly pack on. Thinking it would be a nice addition.

The perfect camera bag(s) for mirrorless camera rig.

The search is over!

In a perfect world I could have a small bag that I can throw in the car, throw in my backpack, or use independently on it's own. Also, it can't be Nerdville, USA. I have yet to find a "single" bag to do all of those things. Camera bags are like sleeping bags, you really need more than one depending on what what purpose the bag needs  to serve. Consumer nightmare. On top of functionality, everyone has different style tastes. I am a weird sort of "bro-ster" (a bro-hipster). I wear raw denim, a hip haircut, do graphic design BUT also enjoy protein shakes, weight lifting, Nike SB, adventure gear and Fantasy Football. Bag please!

I found several middle-of-the-road options in a previous post, but was then let down by the size and dork-status of the Mountainsmith Tour Fx bag. So, the search continued.

Finally, my most recent solution!

Mountainsmith Kit Cube + Timbuk2 Messenger (small / black / tread nylon) + Timbuk2 Backpack (Especial Medio Cycling Laptop Backpack / black)

Here are some photo's my my actual set up:

Thanks for checking everything out! If would love to see any recommendations and/or your set ups.


Waterproofing (water resistant spray test coming in the near future!)

Fujifilm X-Pro 2: Search for the perfect pouch, bag, thing.

Currently searching for the perfect mix between a bag, a pouch, and something that is ugly. Style aesthetic is an important factor in branding oneself, hence my low volume of freelance work... burn. I need something that can:

- Be used on it's own

- Fit in my Timbuk2 backpack

- Fit in my Timbuk2 Photo bag

My current choice is.... It really depends on the day. Today I am leaning towards the F-Stop Harney... however the Ona looks way nicer. What's a girl to do?

UPDATE* Since I was last working on this draft I came across the Mountainsmith Tour Fx... and I bought it. It's the most functional, has plenty of room, pockets, AND while dorky/technical, I still think it looks just fine. And Emily has this as a hiking pack and loves the heck out of it. Sad thing is we may match.

UPDATE II** I returned the Mountainsmith Tour Fx... Very functional.... not my style... didn't fit in my backpack.  Stay tuned for updates!


Peak Design's Field Pouch

Ona The Roma